Photo Booth Hire For All Occasions

- Terms and Conditions -



- Deposit requirement: a non- refundable deposit of $120.00 is to be paid 7 days post  date of event confirmation & no less than 2 weeks prior to the event

- Payment method: We accept bank transfer and PayPal

- Securing the date of event: Instant booth will send you a confirmation SMS/Email with the date of event and payment details after initial contact

- Payment prior event: cash payment of remaining balance is to be paid to the attendee prior set up of booth, we will not accept payment during or after the event

- Making the payment: you are required to agree and sign to our terms and conditions before making any payment of the remaining balance on the event date

- Invoice: an invoice will be provided once payment has been finalised prior the event

- Refunds:  ALL Deposits are non refundable for ANY cancellations. However, if a client wishes to change the date or time of the event, then they must do so no less than 14 days prior to the original date of event or it will forfeit deposit given

Change of date/time of event: any changes to date or time of your event is subject to InstantBooth availability. If your preferred time or date is unavailable we will offer an alternative date otherwise, deposit and any add-ons you have already paid for will be forfeited

- Additional Add- ons: Must be paid for in FULL amount within no less than 2 weeks prior to the event (the sooner, the better to ensure you receive special orders in time for the event)

PLEASE NOTE: ANY cancellations will forfeit any payment received for additional add-ons along with the deposit


The Set Up

- Set up: Our Instant booth attendees will arrive at your event venue approximately 30-40 minutes before the scheduled hire start. They will set up the booth and ensure it is up and running in accordance to operational standards

- Access to venue: The client is responsible to secure permission from the venue for InstantBooth attendees to access, set up and operate the photo booth

- Presence: Client must ensure that they are present at the venue at least half an hour prior to set up time to meet InstantBooth attendees. This ensures that the client’s needs are met in regards to booth location and set up

If client is unable to make the venue prior set up time, please ensure someone responsible (over the age of 18) is present to sign, pay and attend to InstantBooth attendees.


Power, Space and Access

Client will be responsible for:

- Ensuring that appropriate power supply and undercover shelter on a flat surface is available for the photo booth to be set up to ensure that it is protected from the elements and risk of damage to the booth is limited

- Ensuring the area is approximately 3.7m x 2.5m


Damages to Equipment and Property Provided by InstantBooth

Client will be responsible for:

- Any damage or loss to InstantBooth incurred by client or their guests

- Any misuse or theft of any props, accessories, personal items or equipment incurred by client or their guests



The client is solely responsible and understands the following:

- Client will indemnify IstantBooth against ANY and ALL liability in relation to the client’s event during or after client’s event

- Client will also indemnify InstantBooth from the time of InstantBooth’s service and on in the prospect future, against any liability related to the client

- Client will indemnify InstantBooth (Includes their employees, directors and representatives) against all liability or any responsibility associated with the use and publication of pictures taken in the booth


Privacy, Confidentiality and Publication of Photos

- InstantBooth reserves all the rights to the photographs and videos taken during the event

- InstantBooth may use photos for promotion, advertising, demonstration or any other purposes in the future

- InstantBooth will export all photos taken post the event on an external USB drive and will be provided to the client to review and keep

- If client wishes us to publish all pictures taken in the booth on our Facebook page, client is required to email us on with a general enquiry and enter ‘Request to release event photos’ in subject field and may need to fill in an ‘Authority to Release Form’ (requires an electronic signature) and must be approved by InstantBooth prior upload

*Uploading pictures may take up to 5 working days


Time Extensions

- If you wish to extend the time of the booth post your event booking, an additional hourly flat rate will apply depending on the package/booth you have chosen on the event date

- Extensions are subject to other InstantBooth bookings and availability


Special Conditions

- By signing the terms and conditions prior to event, you are agreeing and hold full responsibility to the above terms and conditions of hire

- By submitting the booking form online and/ or making any payment online to InstantBooth, you are agreeing and are subject and hold full responsibility to the terms and conditions

- By signing the terms and conditions prior to event and/or submitting the booking form online determines that the client fully acknowledges and understands the terms and conditions and has made an agreement

- If client is concerned or unsure of any terms and/or condition, it is the clients responsibility to bring it InstantBooth’s attention for further clarification or modification prior to signing the agreement




  Deposit - Paypal, Debit & Credit Card Payment

- As per instructions, click on the 'buy now' button to make your deposit of $120 & to finalise booking! - 

 -  This section only applies to clients who prefer and are referred by InstantBooth to make their deposit payment via Paypal, Direct Debit or Credit Card -


Please note:

 - There is no obligation to make a deposit as soon as you fill in the contact form
- We recommend you await your confirmation email from InstantBooth with all payment related details before making any deposit

Please be sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions before making any payment to InstantBooth.